Request a Visit From Santa!


Santa is currently restocking toys and presents in preparation for his 129th year of consecutive service to the Swarthmore community.

The Swarthmore Santa Claus started visiting houses in 1890 and has been visiting the children of the greater Swarthmore community every single year since then!

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In late November, a special telephone number is published in the Swarthmorean newspaper and parents may call and ask Santa to be sure to visit their children on Christmas Eve. Parents are encouraged to confirm such details as exact street address, the age and the first and last name of each child.

Request a Visit From Santa!

On Christmas Eve Santa enters the home, and guided by parents, generally wakes the children to wish them a Merry Christmas, and often will stay to watch the child open a small present that parents that parents select – and then it’s back to bed with the strong admonition not to wake up until their parents do! A few magical moments with the guy in red suit!

Santa visits no earlier than 9:00 p.m and continues until 1:00 a.m. or until all of the children on the list have been visited by Santa Claus!

Santa won’t accept money or gifts. The privilege of lifting and hugging the children for a few moments is all he asks. Santa regularly receives a few carrots or Christmas cookies for his reindeer.

Please tell all of your new neighbors or others who might not be aware of the Swarthmore Santa Claus about this wonderful custom – so they can be incorporate it as part of their traditional Christmas celebration!


Request a Visit From Santa!